My core offerings are individual tutoring sessions and custom classes for small groups. These can be designed and customized to meet multiple goals as needed, and can accommodate any learning support or supplemental strategies that will enhance the experience. Beyond what is outlined below, I am eager to discuss any needs you and your family may have, and look forward to working with you in the most effective and enjoyable way possible.


Every tutoring relationship will be individualized. Instruction and learning will be based both on the academic goals as well as the learning and support needs of the student. The first consultation is free, and should last about 20 to 30 minutes. Fees are described on the main Lessons Page

CONTACT ME to discuss your goals and ask any questions.


Below are some samples of classes that have worked well in the past. Students, families and groups can select topics that address particular interests, and tailor goals that can be worked on in a small group setting. I am happy to develop additional lesson plans and courses to meet other interests and needs. Fees are described on the main Lessons Page

Notice & Note Signposts (fiction)

  • Meets 4 times a week for 2 weeks (8 classes total).
  • Students learn an accessible and fun reading comprehension framework called the Notice & Note Signposts, developed by Karlene Beers and Robert Probst (Heinemann). This framework allows students to read more deeply, discovering themes, exploring character development, and uncovering life lessons within texts. Learning the N&N Signposts helps readers write engaging book reports or book trailers.

Growing with Reading

  • Meets 4 times a week for 1 week (4 classes total).
  • This class teaches students how to reflect upon fictional texts using specific questions to enhance their critical thinking skills and connect deeply with texts. This is another Beers and Probst framework called Book, Head, & Heart reading. 

Summary Skill-building

  • Meets 4 times a week for 1 week (4 classes total).
  • During this class, students learn how to boil down a novel’s story line in a few organized sentences for an engaging introductory paragraph for book reports or book trailers.  

Sketch vocab

  • Meets 4 times a week for 1 week (4 classes total).
  • Learning new words has never been more fun—students learn simple sketching techniques paired with vocabulary to help definitions stick.