Some Questions and Answers

What subjects do you teach?

Writing and reading are my core areas, although I can help with organization and presentation skills across the board. For example, I have worked with students in an Earth Science class who needed help with presentations about natural disasters and avalanche safety.

What is the cost?

I have a standard hourly rate, which is reduced for longer courses. Group classes also have separate rates. Read more on the main Lessons page.

How are the classes conducted?

Currently all sessions are via Zoom.

What is the difference between learning support and tutoring?

Generally, tutoring focuses on mastering a subject, or reinforcing learning in a particular area to complete a short-term project/assignment. Learning support is focused on helping students understand their own learning styles and needs, as well as developing skills that can be transferred across their broader educational endeavors.

What are your credentials?

Degrees, certifications, trainings and workshops.

What is your experience?

Mental health counseling and teaching.

How do I pay you?

I can take payment via check, Zelle and Venmo. Paypal is also an option, but because of the fees a surcharge will apply.